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Hey Guys

Time for another update of Rustralasia News.


Rustralasia EU Main will launch on facepunch update


Admin News:

Flaqo and Zora have completed there admin training and are full administrators. Hurray :D

We have been actively removing cheaters/ban evaders. Mind you there have not been very many. If you are interested in seeing how we keep the Servers clean for real players, you can watch our Stream at www.twitch.tv/rustralasia

Ban/Mute Appeals

Just a reminder to Bans/Appeals are now processed through our Discord you need to have your steam account linked that shows on your discord profile.

https://discord.gg/tzscQWR Make sure when joining you have your Stream Profile linked to enable us to register you. You will be assigned an Appeal tab in the Discord and you can speak with the Admin who issued your Ban there.

Remember we are always around to help with any issues/questions. Just pop into our discord.

Happy Gaming

Raziel & the Team

  • Published
    Jan 25, 2018
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