Hey Guys

It’s been a while since we have made any announcements or updates, so I thought I would let you know some of the News at Rustralasia:


In order to help with server performance issued we have made couple of changes, we now have 2 new high-performance servers to run all of our current rust game servers,

and to date they are running well, with improvements noted already.

In addition, we have also set up some new security parameters to help fight against network security attacks, which also cause performance issues.

Admin News

As you all probably know by now, in other Admin news, Camomo has resigned from his Admin … We will miss you Camomo and thank you for your dedication and all your work with Rustralasia.

We have 3 new Admins coming on board, and you will see them more over the coming weeks. They are DC, Bad And Nixi.

Ban/Mute Appeals

All Ban/Mute Appeals will now be done in our Discord, so you need to have your steam account linked that shows on your discord profile.

https://discord.me/officialrustralasia You will be assigned an Appeal tab in the Discord and you can speak with the Admin who issued your Ban there.

Our Team are here as much as possible to help you out should you have any issues/questions. Don’t forget to check out our Twitch Stream at www.twitch.tv/rustralasia

We hope you enjoy your time on our Servers


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