Hey Guys

Time for another update of Rustralasia News.


Since migrating to the 2 new high-performance servers, performance has improved and there have been minimal lag issues reported.

We have increased to pop on Main server to 350 on wipe day, with queues hitting over 100 We have also made Team size increased to 16 to help accommodate for the many Clans playing on Main.

Admin News:

Sadly, we advise the long time Admin RiZZa has stepped down from his Admin role, but he will still be around and focussing on Media and Marketing for Rustralasia. Doing those great Raid Cams we all love and much more. We thank you for your great work over the years RiZZa and fully support and look forward to your future works.

We have also had our UK Admin DC Wan step down from Rustralasia work. DC had kindly stepped in to help us out with our Twitch Stream, and we greatly appreciate your help and will miss that pommy accent. We know you are a busy man and wish you all the best.

We welcome 3 more trainee Admins to the Team this month - Dimon, Flaqo and Zora

And of course camomo_10 has come back onboard

We have already been out and about as an Admin Zerg removing many cheaters/ban evaders. If you are interested in seeing how we keep the Servers clean for real players, you can watch our Stream at www.twitch.tv/rustralasia

Ban/Mute Appeals

Just a reminder to Bans/Appeals are now processed through our Discord you need to have your steam account linked that shows on your discord profile.

https://discord.me/officialrustralasia Make sure when joining you have your Stream Profile linked to enable us to register you. You will be assigned an Appeal tab in the Discord and you can speak with the Admin who issued your Ban there.

Remember we are always around to help with any issues/questions. Just pop into our discord.

Happy Gaming

Raziel & the Team

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