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"Solo/Duo/Trio this coming wipe!"

Hello Rustralasian's,

We would firstly like to again thank you all for being part of this awesome community!

First on the Agenda, a very special announcement that we are officially opening our Solo/Duo/Trio this coming wipe. The server is in direct collaboration with Survive or Die Australia who have been working tirelessly with Raziel to get the server running perfectly.

The server will have its own dedicated Admin team with some that you will know and some new ones that you don't, so be sure to make them all feel welcome!

Our other very special announcement is that RESOURCE MAPS are BACK!
The maps are courtesy of RUSTFINATIC and will be EXCLUSIVE to Rustralasia. We will be trialling them as part of the standard bronze membership but not for long as this will soon become a higher tier membership only.

Who said quarries are dead? Whilst resource maps have in the past been predominately for deciding where to slap down a cheeky quarry, in our teams opinion, it wont be long until face punch balance the tables and make quarries more enticing for everyone!

Can anyone spot where the priority position to build would be with the designated biomes?


We would also like to take this opportunity to give a very warm welcome to 3 new admins to the Rustralasia team. If you see them around be sure to say hello, especially if your hacking .

Ninfinity -
CrimeZappers -
SkylineGTST -

I am sure, they will be very excited to be joining us... and everything that that the community offers :p
Please be aware we are currently doing some back end stress testing on MAIN server and lag may be experienced whilst we run these tests.


Wipe is coming ;)
Attention all.
Since MAIN server has undergone repair on the hardware we would like to invite you all to be part of the load test tonight.

At 5pm Aest Brisbane time Wednesday 13th

Various items will be loaded to players for raiding, pvp and building. We would like you to go nuts and have some fun. The server may lag towards the end of the test this would be considered normal however we want to make sure its able to handle the traffic and entities we would expect from it under HEAVY operation.

Please let us kmow your feedback on the server performance too. You can monitor your performance by F1>console>type "perf5" . This gives you FPS , ping, packets etc.

Good luck have fun.

See you all on MAIN at 5pm AEST brisbane time Wed 13-9-17 :):):)
Hey Guys :D

Servers will all wipe at around 9am Eastern standard time Brisbane.

Why because you asked for a set time so lets give it a go :cool:

If Facepunch makes a later update then we will update just after if before 9am GMT 10+ then we will wait until 9am GMT 10+ :).

On other news we have just added our Rustralasia Official Forced Wipe Server this server will wipe when Facepunch wipes there servers.

Rustralasia x3 server will wipe on Mondays from now on.

Check out our new sexy logo many thanks to Smash.


Keep an eye out on our twitch channel

If any one has any good ideas please let us know :)

Well that's all for now.

Have fun, Don't cheat ;).
Please chose when you would like the main server to wipe for next coming wipe.

24th of August 2017 or 25th of August 2017

All the best in your decisions.
Please cast your vote on wether we should wipe Main/Fortnightly/Hapis Servers earlier this week.
Please vote if you would like main to be wiped earlier meaning TONIGHT!

This means wipe would be at 10:30pm aest.

Please cast your vote on the poll provided.

We have decided a change is as good as a holiday!
Its been quite some time since we hosted a 500 population server and feel the current map
size could do with a bit of a mix up. Additionally the 500 population days are as good as gone until the game can handle the AI and processes and becomes a more optimised platform to host.

As of this wipe we will be trialling a map size of 3700. That's 100 (ONE HUNDRED) smaller than we are currently playing and have been playing for quite some time.


Q: What does this mean for me as a player?
A smaller map means your closer to your mates.. or enemy! We encourage a higher PVP to farm ratio and would like to fulfil the demands of the server players for more PVP action.

Q: Will it ever change back?
After the next few wipes we will be gauging the feedback from the community to see how they feel on the changes. If need be we will revert, if not we will keep it. It will be a majority feedback kind of decision by the staff at rustralasia.

Q: What does more PVP mean for the server?
Interactions of PVP enables us to utilise our latest software more often, meaning we catch can hackers and scripter's. Ultimately its about giving the community a more enjoyable server experience.

Q: When does the new map change take effect?
This wipe! 21-07-17

Q: Is it just for main server?
Yes. For now.

Q: Are you changing it because the population has dropped?
Nothing has changed for us, business as usual, we have queues on all servers at all the normal times.

Thanks for reading be sure to let us know your feedback over the coming days and weeks on your server experience with the map size changes.
Name: #Ralasia
SteamID: 76561198320651002
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Name: GriffDAWG
SteamID: 76561198210419333
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Name: nS.Sly #recruiting
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Name: MONKEY 2.0
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Name: [AGS] Obie
SteamID: 76561198383078375
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Name: [SF] Pedrazz
SteamID: 76561198339625537
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SteamID: 76561198267861298
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Name: BNT.EarL
SteamID: 76561198274883225
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